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What's better than planting your herbs, flowers, and shrubs and watching them flourish? A little customization, of course! At Tropical Distributors Inc. we don't only specialize in plants and arrangements - we enjoy broadening our service to you with ornaments and decorative touches that truly bring your garden to life.


As a family-owned and operated business, we make sure to be there for you 24/7. You can even call upon our drivers individually to ensure that your novelty goods are arriving on schedule.

Personalize your garden and make it your own

With 37 years of experience serving communities far and wide in Northern Ohio and Central and Lower Michigan, you can rely on us for consistently high quality goods.


From large statues and fountains to small, commemorative stones, there's something for everyone and every garden from the craftsmen at Tropical Distributors Inc.

Wholesale prices for flower shops and markets

As a large-scale distributor and manufacturer, your shop or local market can easily get all of the novelty products you need to enlarge and diversify your gardening inventory.


You can rest easy that your items are in caring and capable hands with our dependable drivers.

Serving Ohio and Michigan since 1978

Choose from an impressive selection of memory stones, statues, and other decorative garden items.

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